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“We started lessons with Olga hoping for our second-grader to be a more fluent reader and sixth grader to be a stronger writer.  In addition to achieving those goals, Olga has become a trusted partner in fostering a positive learning environment where our kids learn to find joy in reading and develop confidence in writing.  From Olga’s lessons and homework feedback, there’s no question that she cares deeply about her students and has a genuine passion in helping kids to find and express their voices through writing.”
– Y., a parent
"I started working with Olga amidst the COVID19 lockdown, when I was an extremely bored child.  I was looking for something to do, and my Mom suggested I take writing lessons with Olga.  After I started taking the lessons, I became less bored.  I wanted to do creative writing, and I got to do that taking lessons with Olga.  Writing for the stories with Olga’s help was very much enjoyable and took away a lot of my pandemic boredom.  I also learned many writing skills, and I think my overall ability in creative writing has improved.  Even though the lockdown has mostly ended, I continue to take lessons with Olga.  They are fun, as well as educational. As a teacher, Olga lets you do what you want while still educating me."
–  E., 5th grade
“She is really nice and energetic. She helps me learn a lot and makes me want to read more.”  
– A., student, 3rd grade
"Olga was able to engage my children at a time when they needed it the most.  When everything shut down due to COVID, Olga was able to connect with them, find out about their interests, and engage them in reading, writing, and thinking, all while doing it over Zoom.  Now that the kids are back in school and are able to interact with their friends again, they still chose to continue studying with Olga.  It is truly a rare teacher who can get my son to not just voluntarily – but eagerly – do homework for an academic activity, and Olga was able to do just that.
– A., a parent
“She’s very patient.  You will learn things about yourself as well as writing with her.  She’s an excellent teacher, and  great friend whom you can trust.”
– K., 7th grade 
"The lessons are interesting and engaging.  Olga lets you explore in your writing, but also doesn’t let you get too crazy.  She offers great books that I would have never thought to read, for example, The Butterfly Lion and Where the Red Fern Grows. I was bored to death in the pandemic.  I even got a little bit depressed .... Olga helped me a lot.  She is a great teacher, because first of all, she is kind.  She helps you understand what she is teaching. Overall, it is just a fun experience."– L., 3rd grade
"I'm thinking about how to fit my immense gratitude for Tr. Olga into words. You are such an inspiration to me and you helped me evolve my poetry and I thank you for that. Thank you for seeing past the sign that says Kid."
J., 5th grade
“Olga is a great teacher who is a poet, has a PhD in literature and used to work as a college professor. Within just 2-3 months of studying with Olga, our 9-year-old has dramatically turned around his creative writing skills and now can't stop reading various genres."
– O., a parent
"Thank you for making us take risks."
K., 8th grade
"Your prompts were interesting."
A., 6th grade
"You didn't just open my eyes to the world of poetry, you made it an outlet for me. So I thank you for making me write poetry, now my thoughts and feelings rhyme."
A., 7th grade


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