Here is what my past students say:
"I'm thinking about how to fit my immense gratitude for Tr. Olga into words. You are such an inspiration to me and you helped me evolve my poetry and I thank you for that. Thank you for seeing past the sign that says Kid."
J., 5th grade
"Thank you for making us take risks."
K., 8th grade
"I admit when we were told that we were having poetry, I was not excited. However, the way you taught us caught my attention and interested me, so thank you for teaching us."
A., 5th grade
"Your prompts were interesting."
A., 6th grade
"You didn't just open my eyes to the world of poetry, you made it an outlet for me. So I thank you for making me write poetry, now my thoughts and feelings rhyme."
A., 7th grade


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