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Frequently Asked Questions 


How do we pay you?

To keep things simple, I bill the family at the end of each month for all the lessons taken that month. I accept electronic payment and checks. 
What days and times of day are you available?
While I have ​a lot of flexibility in my schedule, I find that kids are ​well-rested and receptive to learning between 10 AM  and 5 PM. Any time/s between would be my preference. I don't teach on Sundays. 
Zoom learning is different than classroom pedagogy. Will you be able to supervise my child effectively on Zoom?
I have been teaching online-only since March, and have developed a big bag of tricks for engaging young people in different ways to keep their attention, asking them to take a break when their attention flags, doing Cosmic Yoga with them (yes! they have many literature-narrated yoga poses...), and (yes!) asserting my authority.
How do I set up our first lesson?
You can get in touch with me using the form below.
Reach out to get started!

Thanks! I will reach out to you within 24 hours.

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