Worried that your kids may not be reading or writing during their "coronacation"? Do you remember growing up and reading blissfully--and is a love of reading and writing something you want to help foster in your little one? 

Fret not. Professional, fun, and engaging classes, discussions of reading, creative writing, and analytical writing are now available online. I hold a PhD in literature; I'm a published poet and an experienced teacher. 

Reading and Writing Lessons & Small-Group Classes

  • Engaging instruction using Zoom
  • Age-appropriate readings with Common Core standards--and much more--in mind. Students might read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneThe Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; and selected poems 
  • Discussions of readings connect the books to topics relevant to the students (examples include magic, ideas of what is fair, and children going on adventures)
  • Fun homework assignments keep the students accountable for reading and writing; instructor provides feedback and opportunities for revision
  • Writing prompts and assignments target both persuasive writing (i.e., book reviews) and creative writing book (i.e., an imitation of a feast magically appearing in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone)
  • For small groups, collaborative writing activities using over Google Docs to help students keep in touch and build social skills
  • Even when the quarantine is over, have your child taught without having to drive somewhere for an activity  

$40 / private lesson, $30 per student / group classes (3-6 students)

Creative Writing Lessons & Small-Group Classes 

These programs focus on harnessing the use of language to express our imagination, and trying out different genres.
  • Great enrichment activity, helping expand the imagination, increase empathy, and further develop critical thinking

  • Topics range from short fiction to poetry and writing for theater and are customized for the students

  • Emphasizes exploring, creating work in different genres, and generating plenty of material
  • The instructor facilitates educational games, prompt writing, and improvisation 
  • Culminating group performance at the end of the project over Zoom
​​$40 / private lesson, $30 per student / group workshops (3-6 students)

Testimonials from past students are available here.

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