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Why Hire Me for Your to Write for You?

I do all genres of digital and traditional marketing, and I do so strategically, with thought going into every word. Organizations and individuals hire me to create website content, handle social media support, help update their career-related materials, and serve as a resource strategize on how to reinvent their career selves. Call it a brand--I'm a poet, and see careers as passions, at their best.
Here are my niches;  I am always interested in learning more. 
Nonprofit Organizations
Organizations supporting diverse populations hire me for social media support, storytelling, and content creation. I am an activist who is passionate about lifting marginalized voices, and my work reflects this interest thoroughly. My clients include Mural Arts of Philadelphia. I am bilingual (Russian and English) and handle translation of website content.
Finished a book? I've been there. The last thing one wants to do is to tell and retell the narrative to more and more strangers (readers--reviewers--interviewers--and the list ALWAYS goes on). And yet it's what's ahead for you. Outsource it, and I will work energetically on your behalf to tell the story of what's at the core of your work.
I am platform-agnostic (i.e., I write for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more) and will work tirelessly to make the people in your circle, and the concentric circles beyond, get delighted about buying and reading your work, and attending your events. I write press releases and other materials for reviews (known as your "press kit"--but not always done by small presses). And I can help identify the right journals for you to pitch for reviews, interviews, and other coverage.
Post-Academic Careers 
A PhD who has recast herself, I have a particular competency in helping folks embarking on post-academic careers explore options and present themselves to the world (that includes their digital presence--resumes--cover letters--and much more). I help them showcase themselves as competent (which they are!) and confident (which they SHOULD be).
This spring, I am delighted to be serving as a Mozilla Open Post-Academic Mentor for the next several months. I am helping a colleague envision new careers and concrete steps towards their future. I've mentored others in the past, with some excellent results. 

Olga is a supportive and honest mentor. She shows you the way to your own ladder of success and makes sure you have the confidence to get to the top.

Samantha Pious

Contact me at or by phone at (484) 380-5445‬,  and let's get started on telling your story.

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