I am a writer who helps others tell their stories. My family is from Odessa and Moscow, and I am from berries and tea and poetry.

I teach engaging, individualized, and reading-rich creative writing lessons for children over Zoom. It is my absolutely favorite job (I've been a professor of Russian, editor, commercial translator...). The kids say they appreciate it as a creative outlet as well as a source of growth. Click here for more information.

My book A Life Replaced  (Poets & Traitors, 2019) braids together poems on immigration in America with translations from Anna Akhmatova and our contemporary Vladimir Gandelsman, winner of Russia's highest award for poetry, the Moscow Reckoning. Many poems are responses to these two voices; some are stand-alone works. The foreword is by Ilya Kaminsky. You can read reviews in the Los Angeles Review of BooksReading in Translation.

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Readings & Events


War in Ukraine, Gender, & Poetry
Florida International University

With Ana Menendez, moderator 

Julia Dasbach, poet 

Lyudmila Khersonska, poet 

Alexandra Cornelius & Rebecca Friedman, chairs

April 4, 2022
4 PM Eastern Time (US)
Zoom link to follow
Ukrainian American Poets Respond 

Yara Arts Group and Poets of Queens present “Ukrainian American Poets Respond” with poets reading their own work in Ukrainian and English

April 14, 2022
7 PM Eastern Time (US)
Zoom link to follow

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