A member of the AWP and SCWBI, a subscriber to Children's Bookshelf, and an avid reader across genres, I offer these services:

Manuscript Evaluation (Fiction, Poetry, Children's): from $350; FREE Quote

  • A thorough reading of your draft manuscript.
  • A letter to you with an eye to how different elements of the story (plot, characters/voices, and chronology among them) are currently working.
  • A brief summary of what I see as the purpose of your work, broadly conceived, and its themes, issues, and possible subtexts.
  • Feedback by an editor who follows trends in these markets. Feedback includes a summary of what the next steps might be: what an author might to target their work to the intended reader age / psychology; to find a voice that feels authentically theirs AND speaks deeply to the reader; and/or figure out how to best set up narrative urgency or problem. 
  • Three to five comparable titles, as well as suggestions for sources where you can find more books such is yours, to inspire you and help you hone in on your original contribution (and, later,  use this knowledge to think strategically in your query letter)
  •  Time for follow-up questions of up to thirty minutes by e-mail or phone (FaceTime / Google Hangout / Zoom / Skype).

An Editorial Letter: $200-$350; FREE Quote  

An editorial letter focuses on just one or two aspects of your work, and is more concise than a manuscript evaluation
  • We usually agree on an editorial letter when an author has a working draft and has had a manuscript critique on the work at hand, and wants to hear suggestions for improvement for one particular element. 
  • Beginning and mid-career authors typically find that they benefit from comments on a few drafts as they develop.
  • I am happy to comment on the story as it grows through various natural stages, sharpening and becoming, and may ask you to work on one aspect of your story at a time. With a package of editorial letters, the client schedules a series of consultations and plans to revise between them.
  • Clients often say that this approach helps them keep their focus on the work and invested on it over several months to a year.
Copy Editing: from $200; FREE QUOTE

A thorough look at your manuscript, prioritizing spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.

Ready to take the leap? Get in touch at olga@olgalivshin.com or by phone at (484) 380-5445‬, and we will get started.

We are a mother / daughter author team writing our first children’s book. Olga helped navigate the process. She was such a big help in the development of ideas and helping us see the vision of our book more clearly.

— Bizette Gailewicz and Maria Love

A poem, to me, is like a newborn. It is alive, it wants to develop into the person that it must be. Olga has helped me shape and articulate and refine and polish the bodies and the voices of my poems, and effectively served as my agent in bringing them to the attention of literary magazines. Her criticism, like her own poetry, earns trust by being both sensitive and non-sentimental.

— Maria Gapotchenko, author, Senior Lecturer in the Core Curriculum and the Arts and Sciences Writing Program at Boston University

I'm so happy Olga edited the Russian dialogue in my YA novel. What a difference her changes made. Now, I have real Russian spoken in the story! Thank you, Olga!

— JoAnne Keltner, author, Spellbound

Shepherding any literary work through an editing process can be disheartening for any writer, but if you are lucky enough to work with an editor such as Olga Livshin, you know your work will be given the most professional, heartfelt attention. Olga’s literary skill in editing—whether it be essays, poems, academic papers, or longer works—is impeccably professional.

And because she is a poet, writer and teacher herself, she doesn’t just edit—she goes beyond mechanics and grammar and keeps in mind the nuances and tone of language, and most importantly, the writer’s vision. She reads and edits with a deeply passionate eye, helping writers and artists say what it is they are trying to say, and to say it unforgettably.

— Kathleen Witkowska Tarr, author, We Are All Poets Here


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