How I Edit

What I Always Do

As an editor, I help authors tap into the voice that is already inside them. This entails some in-depth one-on-one work that I really love doing.

What I Never Do

The author's voice is not up to me to change. My goal is to help it bring it out, in its most beautiful, clear, best version.

What Do I Sometimes Do

In both academia and the publishing industry, trends are important. I cannot follow all academic fashions, but for poets and writers, I often do research on what is out there and help writers compile lists of comparable titles (comps).
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Always outstanding, nary an ouchie to be found, always opting for the clearest path to a point, what Olga offered was the exact feedback I needed, when I needed it, how I needed it. (And, if that sentence was in my book, she would have politely found a way to say it was o-o-over the top!) Olga perfectly understood what I was trying to do, delivered on time and on-budget, and gave the exact advice and changes I needed. Beyond brilliant edits, most important to me was that she got me. She understood my struggles, my project, what I was trying to achieve, and took the time to learn all that before jumping into edits. That was huge!

— Bill Jensen