Editorial Services

Why Get an Editor?

An editor is more than a fresh set of eyes. They are a set of glasses that will pick up little blemishes or inconsistencies. A friendly presence, a colleague; authoritative but not authoritarian.
Why Choose This Editor?
I have been editing for the past four years, and come with a PhD in a literary field, the experience of a former program director for a language program, and a fellow writer, published and recognized with awards. Academics, poets, and fiction authors hire me. Independent presses hire me.
Will This Editor Tear Your Work Apart?
Many editors comment mostly on negative aspects of the draft. I practice honest, specific, and compassionate assessment. I also believe in incremental improvement to literary works over time. That means that I often work with authors over time on several drafts. Most of them find that significant improvements occur in that process.
Do You Work with People Like Me?
It depends! Are you an academic in the humanities? Check out what we can do together here. A poet, fiction writer, or kidlit author? Check out my developmental and copy editing here. Other fields? Contact me at olga@olgalivshin.com and I may be able to refer you to someone great.

We are a mother / daughter author team writing our first children’s book. Olga helped navigate the process. She was such a big help in the development of ideas and helping us see the vision of our book more clearly.

— Bizette Gailewicz and Maria Love

I'm so happy Olga edited the Russian dialogue in my YA novel. What a difference her changes made. Now, I have real Russian spoken in the story! Thank you, Olga!

— JoAnne Keltner


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